Barbara – Bought a Condo in Avondale neighborhood of Chicago

My husband and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and had been curious about the prices of condos in Chicago when our daughter moved there for college. After a few years of her renting apartments, I did some due diligence and found out it made sense to purchase a condo for her to live in rather  than pay rent. She had looked at over a dozen rentals when I saw an Open House for a condo held by Ashley Carter Property. The selling price made financial sense so I had my daughter go to the Open House. She met Laura Jones of Ashley Carter’s group and saw it was a great property for the location and price. It was also an investment property for us and the potential rental income made financial sense.

Laura held an Open House for my husband and I with her phone while we were in California. The photos on Zillow matched the video images. Laura represented us in the sale and was respectful of our offer(s) and of the handling of the sale. We were very happy with the negotiation process, happy with the final sale price, and glad all the paperwork went quickly and smoothly.

Paul Popp, transaction coordinator of Ashley Carter’s group, handled all my calls, suggested attorneys and other vendors and, considering the time change, was always available. 

Thank you. I’d use Laura and Paul again. They are professional, know their job(s), are always available, friendly, and will give you as much time as you need to get the property and sales price that fits your budget.

— Barbara