Brian Bought a Townhome in Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago

I found a fantastic townhouse on Zillow that I knew was going to sell fast and if I wanted it, I would need to move fast and I would need help.  I called Ashley Carter and I am so glad I did.  They really have it together.  I felt taken care of every step of the way.  The bidding got competitive  but I still got the property thanks to some good negotiation strategy of my agent, Laura. 

Once my offer was accepted, I was in the hands of Paul.  Paul is quite knowledgeable and very responsive and attentive.  He very adeptly guided me through the often bewildering process of contracts, inspections, mortgages and such.  When a structural problem came up during inspection, Paul was on top of it, raising concerns that I wouldn’t have thought of and making sure the problem got resolved.  He made sure closing would complete without a hitch.

Ashley’s team connected me with a fantastic lawyer, a very thorough inspector and even a great house painter.  They offered great advice on renting out my old place.  There really wasn’t much about this purchase that they didn’t provide amazing assistance.   I’d recommend Ashley Carter and his team in a heartbeat.

— Brian